Parathyroid Carcinoma: Analysis of Patient Characteristics and Outcomes in a Retrospective Review of Eight Cases seen in a Single Center




parathyroid neoplasms, carcinoma, hypercalcemia


Eight cases of parathyroid carcinoma were identified (8 females; median age 45 years, range 28-72). Half of whom were diagnosed preoperatively. Hypercalcemic symptoms were seen in 87.5% of the patients and the main complication was nephrolithiasis. At presentation, the median calcium was 3.675 mmol/L, median phosphate of 0.68 mmol/L, median intact parathyroid hormone (iPTH) was 211 pmol/L. Five patients had regional nodes metastasis and 1 had distant metastasis to the lungs. Parathyroid gland invasion to adjacent structures was seen in 62.5% of cases while another 62.5% showed capsular or vascular infiltration on histology with median tumour size of 3.2 cm. Recurrent hypercalcemia occurred in 50% of the patients with median time of recurrence of 21 months. In this case series, we found that patients with severe hypercalcemia and high iPTH also exhibited a high index suspicion of PC.


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Author Biographies

Shamira Shahar, Hospital Putrajaya

Diabetes and Endocrine Unit, Department of Medicine

Kim Piow Lim, Hospital Putrajaya

Diabetes and Endocrine Unit, Department of Medicine


Masni Mohamad, Hospital Putrajaya

Diabetes and Endocrine Unit, Department of Medicine



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